Saturday, September 10, 2011

More RAKs

Hello there, crafting friends...

I have more RAKs to share with you today, each is beautifully made with love :)

This one is from my dear friend Yulis and her Little Corner blog is here. We are literally long lost friend for we went to high school together (that was half of my life ago :) ) and recently reconnected and had the happy discovery that we both love stamping and crafting!! Whoa!!

This lovely card came with a box of yummy surprise from her hometown, sweet butter bread that I remembered from my childhood and that now my children discover and love. How special to be able to share this experience with them :)

Close up coloring details... I need a coloring lesson!! :) So pretty...

Lovely balloons and everything else!! Thank you Yulis, I am treasuring this and our friendship.

Here is another RAK from Sheerah that I haven't shared.

That kraft background is a hand made paper and she stamped on the twill tape. Precious...

That little craved wooden block is so special, that is from her hometown. It says "Sarawak". She cleverly incorporated it into the card :) Great job, Sheerah!!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at these creations today.

Happy stamping,


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marlene said...

adui~ These are too beautiful lah~