Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Karolina's Diaper cake

Good morning, crafting friends... today I would like to pop in and share what my friend Karolina has made... She heard me mentioning "diaper cake" when we were last visiting and I showed her this post of a diaper cake I made for Coline (waving hi to Coline).

Then, next thing she showed me is this beautiful "cake" creation. She has used this to bless a cousin who recently had a baby girl.

Here is some words from her:
The cake topper is a pair of shoes, the big flowers are made of face towels, the small ones are baby handcovers, and I also used the pink polka dots ribbons that you gave me:). I decided to cover the diapers with lace because they have prints in them. I bought Pampers diapers,not huggies .....I forget Pampers have prints:) It was ages ago since I bought diapers...:)

Thank you for sharing Karolina and I wish we didn't live so far away! Actually, not far in distance, just traffic!! It has been a blessing and privilege to get to know you and your family in the past year and I am so glad God put us together! (hugs!!)

Thank you to you all for peeking in today. I hope you enjoy Karolina's creation too and perhaps inspire you to make one of your own :)


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lucy said...

It looks so easy to do, but I doubt I can make that beautiful diaper cake. Anyway, that cake would be really one of the perfect baby gifts to give for my friend's upcoming baby shower.