Friday, July 8, 2011

Candy wrapper no. 2

Hello there, crafting friends...

A couple of you asked what was under the candy wrapper in my post here :) So, here it is :) I have been on a roll finding these candies from my childhood lately, haven't I? Not too long ago, I rediscovered this one too, we used to call it "the rooster brand" chocolate candies :)

Even the packaging still remains the same (to my recollection), it has this same vintage looking font, red paper wrapping and even the "rooster image" is still the same.

My children love it and I have a stash of these at home :)

That's when the idea hit, I could just wrap a few of these and give it away as little gifts. And it is nice to share the little story behind it, that these are candies from my childhood.

If you are interested in making these candy wrapper gifts yourself, you can easily adapt this idea into whatever candy bars that are available in your area.

Happy creating to you,


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