Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas in a Shoebox

Hello! Today's post is about Shoebox :) I have been knee deep in these :) This is our church annual event where each child in each orphanage that the church sponsors will get a shoebox. The shoe boxes are categorized in gender and age and the gifts inside are age appropriate. For example, a 3-5 year old will get little toys, a little toothbrush, some toiletries, crayons, school supplies.

This is the finished boxes :) 500 of these...

Everybody has been so inspired, there were both money and toy donations. I have been placing orders for these gifts with my sister who runs a gift business who gives me a generous discount. (Thanks, Luc!) Boxes and boxes of stuff arrive in our apartment. My craft room is piled up with gifts :) (to the delight of my little Hannah). She picked out all the 3-5 year old girl gifts, pink water bottles, pink lunch boxes, pink this, pink that... most of the pink stuff above are all Hannah's pick :)

Last Sunday, a bunch of us got together to sort these boxes. Big helpers and little helpers. What a blast! We ate, we worked, and then we ate again before we cleaned up.

Lastly, that was me making cards in my craft room. My friend Mirari snapped this, looking like I am on top of the pile of gifts :) It is midweek already here, hope your week is a good one. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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Sheerah said...

wow, this is very inspiring! love what you're doing for the kids and love your picture.. nice shot! ^^