Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A present...

Guess what I received yesterday? A padded envelope filled with these YUMMY brads from my crafting buddy Marlene.

And this fabulous birthday card! I am the lucky recipient of this quilt card. I have always admired the quilt look but have never achieved one that I like. THANK YOU!

And finally, this jar of buttons that are mostly from Marlene, too! The jar graces my craft room permanently. This is what Mirari snapped the other day, it looks so yummy! Little hands like to dip in it :)

Thank you Marlene for the sweetest thought. Keepup spreading the joy! I am glad your love language is giving gifts :) Thank you all for stopping by. Good day to you all!


1 comment:

marlene said...

Finally this gift reached you... after a month! Apuh :) However, Liza, you have being too nice to me and i just wanna thank God for letting me know you during my days in Beijing. Wow.. the buttons really look yummy! Keeps away from kids~!