Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hello there, crafting friends...

I am sharing with you 2 things today.

Here is a piece of my craft room where I have the display corner and photo shoot background. There is something new on top of it, where it had been an empty wall :)

I have gotten this piece of Decor Elements wall decor for a long time (from the Definitely Decorative catalog) but had never made time to put it up until Marlene and Sheerah came visit. This was what they did for me. Thank you so much, girls! It was very sweet of you to take care of that and I really love it especially in the morning when plenty of natural light shines in from the window. It is beautiful... You know, it is my favorite room in the house :)

Here is what my friend Mei Tan gave me last Sunday. A handmade paper bead star. Made by Beads of Java. Made by women who live in the Merapi volcano area, near Jogjakarta. Come visit and take a look around. I am continually amazed at how creative Indonesians are. Just sharing what I found out with you.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by today.

Happy creating to you,


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