Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goodbye... and Hello...

Hi there, crafting friends... 

Four months have gone by!! The weeks are just flying by. In May 2012, our family packed the house (apartment, actually) to move to our next home in New Delhi, India. 

We departed Jakarta in June 2012 :( I will miss you all- my crafting friends and miss Indonesia, and the food and all the lovely people that I have met in our 3 years there. Those 3 years went by in a blink. That was a picture of my favorite room in the Jakarta home, all packed away!

After a summer vacation in the US, visiting family, friends and Disneyland- we arrived in India at the end of July.

A couple weeks later, our shipment from Jakarta was delivered to our new house and here is the truck :) I had to take a photo of that colorful truck, no?

We are still settling down, very slowly. Still organizing the house and unpacking boxes and hopefully not too long in the future, I will get my current craft room organized. I picked up a couple of pretty stuffs while in the US so I am looking forward to putting them to good use :)

I have not been crafting in weeks except for the here and there and a couple of occasions visiting friends' homes.

But here is a photo of a small gift for my new neighbor here:

Please know that I miss you all and I look forward to getting back to some creating.



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