Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hannah :)

Hello :) Today my little Hannah is 4 :) She was so excited about celebrating at her preschool. Pak Medi, our cook, baked a chocolate cake yesterday and this morning she woke up way too early, ready to "help" decorate the cake.

I stamped "Happy Birthday" on scrap paper for the cake :)

We made these little goody baskets for all her little friends at preschool. She loves cranking that Big Shot machine. I am just using left over patterned paper for this project. The baskets look good with double sided patterned paper.

This morning, my husband explained the meaning of "blessing" and "to bless" to our children. Happy blessed birthday, little girl.

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Kelli said...

Those little baskets make me want a big shot. I love the little boxes, etc that it can make.

marlene said...

happy birthday and so nice lah...